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You can truly be free to see the world the way you want to see it with the Trac About IRV2000 all terrain power wheelchair. The Trac About IRV2000 has been designed to allow the user to be mobile on their terms and not the terms of their disability. Would you like to go to the beach and feel the wonderful salt breeze blow in your face or go in the edge of the water and truly enjoy what the beach has to offer without the fear of getting stuck? If you answered yes then the Trac About IRV2000 all terrain power wheelchair is for you.

Would you like to go to your private little fishing spot that no one else knows about or perhaps take your children or grand children to let them in on your little secret? Would you like to be able to go out in the snow and feel the cool fresh winter air? Would you like to go up and down inclines and not have to wonder if you are going to tip over? If you answered yes then the Trac About IRV2000 is for you. Would you like a power chair that you can go outdoors and enjoy and then go home and use it inside as well and go over carpet, tile and hardwood floors with ease? If you answered yes then the Trac About IRV2000 all terrain power wheelchair is for.

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Types of wheelchairs for disabled

There are quite a few types of wheelchairs, so that there is one for everyone, because not every wheelchair will fit every person, considering there are different kinds of disabilities. But first, it is important that the wheelchair is stable, safe and easy to use and that one can rely on it during the whole day. We have picked a few types of power wheelchairs for you and listed them here, so you can have a look at the newest and best models and read how good they are, so feel free to continue reading and explore this website, because here you can find any type of information you need to know about wheelchairs and more.

Some of the best wheelchairs out there are the CTM Electric Wheelchairs, which are made out of high quality materials and one can see their design and functionality has been thought through. This manufacturer of power wheelchairs is actually one of the leading producer in the world today and the top wheelchair make in more than 20 countries, but they did not become that over night. What CTM made good and popular is their previous work with Suzuki and Yamaha, for whom they produced high quality and durable auto parts. Later, this company decided to make their own power wheelchairs and to this day, they do it and are quite good at it.

Amigo Power Wheelchairs are wheelchairs for those who spend more time in one, but don't get into that rough conditions and often just travel around the city. The best Amigo model would be Escort that can fit everyone. These power wheelchairs are quite comfortable and unlike the CTM ones, they come with a nice seating that looks like an armchair.

One luxury brand with high - end seating, superior design, performance and comfort is the Golden Technologies Power Wheelchairs. They have several models, and all of them can offer you the fines experience, and comfort even during a long day. These power wheelchairs have been really thought through, which can be seen in every part, it's position and the materials that are used to make it.

Invacare Power Wheelchairs are those ones for people who don't want to spend too much money, but these power and folding wheelchairs can still make their job and are quite comfortable and stable, the three pairs of wheels ensure that. In case you want a power wheelchair that you need to fold to fit it in your car or in your storage place than this is the best one for you.

With the technology becoming more and more advanced, the power wheelchair industry does also, making totally different models for all kinds of disabled people, or for escorts. The hit brands from the beginning of this list, CTM and Amigo have also their own Mobility Scooters, which are, unlike power wheelchairs, less stable and better for those who just have a mobility limitation or who get exhausted too soon. Both brand's scooter models come with a basket in the front and with interesting designs.